There are many useful resources around online to help anyone who wants to strengthen their arguments about atheism, humanism, and secularism and we try to maintain links to the best of these on our website Resources page.

YouTube, for example, provides a useful collection of videos, produced by organisations or individuals on a variety of topics, and Oxford Humanists have set up playlists to collect the best, or most engaging, of these on subjects of interest to Humanists. These provide a quick and easy way to watch some great thinkers discussing or debating with apologists, or to see erudite speakers presenting an interesting perspective on issues of interest to us all. And we can engage in discussion on the video content by adding comments and following the threads.

YouTube, and Oxford Humanists’ channel in particular,  is a useful place to direct anyone who approaches us with questions on our world view. We received such a one last year, from a young lady, still at a Christian school and with family and friends still following religious rule, whose questioning had led her into disbelief. In the absence of a book of rules or an established dogma to ‘instruct’ her, we can only offer our personal experiences, thoughts and arguments. Oxford Humanist members can do this by submitting their conversion stories to our webmaster to be added to ‘Members’ stories’ on the website, and these provide a good introduction to those on the cusp of deconversion – showing how others have dealt with the issues they might be facing, and proving that they are far from being alone. But we have also tried to pull together on YouTube into our ‘Leaving Religion’ playlist, a selection of others’ paths away from religion and religious communities into a reason based life.

We have a collection of videos on ‘Arguing Apologetics‘, for those of us who may have to face and debate strong religious arguments. And you can direct people who are interested in the question of non-religious morality to our ‘Morality’ playlist for some useful discussions on the topic from a secular viewpoint. Other lists include : Atheist Awe and Wonder, Humour and Satire, Rational thought and science, Dealing with Death, Religious Fundamentalism, Secularism and Basics of Secular Humanism

Please take a look at our playlists, and maybe do a YouTube search yourself to see if you can find any more videos we can add to the different lists. Or suggest new playlists we can create, which might be useful resource pools for videos on other aspects of secular humanism.

And if anyone has the technology and the skills, we could even consider creating our own Oxford Humanists videos, to guide, instruct, advise or amuse members and fellow humanists.

Please send any suggestions or comments on our YouTube channel playlists to the webmaster.