Oxford Humanists welcome members from Oxfordshire, other parts of the UK, or indeed anywhere in the world! If you live locally, we hope you will join in our meetings and discussions. Even if you live further away, your membership increases our influence and provides valuable financial support for humanist and secularist campaigns.

Membership fees are as follows:

Individual: £15
Household: £25
Students and claimants: £5

Membership Form

Your subscriptions go towards room hire for meetings, donations and contributions to approved causes and campaigns, as well as paying for equipment and other expenses for our publicity stand. Non-member visitors are welcome to attend our public meetings; we would welcome a small contribution towards expenses.

The membership year runs from April until the following March. However, members joining between January and March pay no further fee until the April of the next year (eg the fee paid by someone joining on 1st January would cover them for 15 months).

Any person, who shares and agrees with the beliefs and objects of the Group, may become a full member, upon payment of the current annual subscription or, if joining after the April of that year, a pro rata proportion of the annual subscription.

A membership application form can be downloaded here, or contact our membership secretary,  here for further details

You can also keep track of news and events of interest to Humanists by ‘Following’ us on Twitter (@OxHums) or ‘Liking’ us on Facebook (Oxford Humanists).

Joining the Humanists UK and National Secular Society

Whilst Oxford Humanists as an organisation is both a Humanists UK Partner and affiliated to the NSS, individual ‘Oxford Humanists’ members do not thereby get membership of either national organisation, though we do encourage our members to also join the national organisations and support their work.

Equally, we hope existing Humanists UK or NSS members who live in Oxfordshire will join Oxford Humanists too. If you are already a member of the Humanists UK nationally and wish to join us we offer you two year’s membership for the cost of your first year’s fee, just mention that you are a Humanists UK member when sending your application form.

Details of the Humanists UK and NSS can be found on our Related Organisations page.

 Contact us

If you wish to report or comment on anything of interest or relevance to humanism in Oxfordshire, or have any queries regarding membership of Oxford Humanists, please contact one of our committee members and we will respond as soon as possible.