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As humanists, we make sense of the world using reason, experience, and shared human values.

  • We regard religions, and their doctrines and rituals, as human inventions, so tend to be atheist or agnostic.
  • Rather than depending on religious doctrine and dogma to guide or command us, we prefer to take personal responsibility for our actions to lead good, and full, lives.
  • Not believing in an afterlife, we neither fear judgement, nor expect reward, in the hereafter; we find enough purpose, meaning, joy and wonder in the one life we know we have.

For a fuller understanding of Humanism, check out Stephen Law’s blog ‘What is Humanism‘.

Or have a look at Humanists UK (HUK)’s short video series ‘That’s Humanism’ for a good overview

Definition Humanism


(definition from the National Secular Society)

The principles of secularism which protect and underpin many of the freedoms we enjoy are:

  1. Separation of religious institutions from state institutions and a public sphere where religion may participate, but not dominate.
  2. Freedom to practice one’s faith or belief without harming others, or to change it or not have one, according to one’s own conscience.
  3. Equality so that our religious beliefs or lack of them doesn’t put any of us at an advantage or a disadvantage.

Both the NSS and Humanists UK carry out campaigns in support of these rights :

  • Nobody should be disadvantaged or privileged because of their beliefs, gender or sexual orientation
  • Anti-discrimination legislation must be applied universally without exception
  • Freedom of speech should not be restricted by religious considerations
  • Publicly funded schools should teach ALL religions, and  explain the universe using science
  • Religious organisations should not use state-funded services to promote their own agenda
  • “Religious freedom” should not be used as a justification for cruelty; we support compassion in farming and animal management

… and we urge supporters of these principles to join either, or both, of these national groups to support their work.