If you can’t get to any of our social events and meetings but would like to interact with our members, or fellow humanists, atheists and secularists on a local, national or international level, more directly, why not join one of the online discussion forums set up to encourage connections and community spirit. For many atheists around the world, online forums and discussion groups are one of the few ways to connect with others who share their views.

So, if you want to add your comments and thoughts to discussions in the wider sphere, there are a number of humanist and atheist discussion groups available. Most require registration, though some do allow guest posts.

Humanists in Oxfordshire Discussion Forum

This is a Google group, set up to encourage conversations, discussion or debate online, or just to share some thoughts and ideas or offer suggestions and advice, and is available to anyone interested in topics to do with atheism, secularism or humanism in our area. It is not run by Oxford Humanists but is a good way for members to interact, as well as being a way for us to connect with people seeking advice on leaving religion or coming out to friends and family.

You can do this either via email (humanistsoxon@googlegroups.com) or directly online through this forum (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/humanistsoxon), where messages and their discussion threads, from either input, are archived.

Be aware that posts in either format are going out to everyone who has registered on the forum. Please be respectful of others in the tone and content of your messages and hopefully we can encourage some lively discussions on topics of interest and relevance to atheism, secularism and humanism in the UK, and Oxford in particular.

NOTE, this is not a group run by, or organised for, Oxford Humanists and our organisation takes no responsibility for content therein.

Skeptics and Believers Forum

(Henley on Thames)

A fairly local discussion group, recommended by former chair of Berkshire Humanists, David McKnight who says: “It has organisation, specifically for discusssion ” with the enemy” – not everyone’s taste but right up my street”

Humanists UK Forums

To access the forums you will need to be a member and log into the Humanists UK website. Once you’re logged in, a link to ‘Forums’ will appear at the top of the right-hand sidebar and you can join an existing conversation or start your own thread.

Atheism UK

a campaigning organisation for committed atheists, allied to  Atheist Alliance International, their forum ” is for the discussion of topics related to atheism and for the use of atheists who have registered on the site as supporters of Atheism UK”. It is a very active forum with a good range of established boards and some lively debate.

Think Humanism 

The Think Humanism forum is a humanist forum based in the UK that welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested in humanism, secularism and freethought, regardless of their personal world view. If you think might be interested in joining this humanist discussion forum, please  read the rules before registering. All members are requested to make at least one post – lurking is not encouraged

Atheist Republic

“Our worldwide atheist forum provides a lively place for debate, support and conversation. We encourage discussion about any and all topics as long as it abides by our forum guidelines. You can ask questions, request input, present a challenging topic for debate or share an idea. We hope you will join our existing and growing community of atheists. Our forum is also a great place to chat, make new friends and even share ideas with the Atheist Republic team”

Think Atheist (US)

“We are a community, social networking, & news site focused on bringing free thinkers together, & breaking the misconceptions about atheism”.