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  • Franklin Graham Dismisses Trump’s Alleged Affair: He’s Not “President Perfect”
    Evangelical leader Franklin Graham doesn't care that Donald Trump allegedly had an affair shortly after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 21-01-18By Hemant Mehta
  • Podcast Ep. 200: We’ve Done How Many Episodes?
    We also talked about televangelist Kenneth Copeland's private plane, Pope Francis' bad PR week, and Hawaii's lack of conversions during the false alarm missile alert. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 20-01-18By Hemant Mehta
  • A City Commissioner in Eustis (FL) Couldn’t Handle an Atheist’s Invocation
    He had to say something religious after the atheist was done speaking. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 20-01-18By Hemant Mehta
  • Anne Graham Lotz: God May Send a Nuclear Strike to Punish Us for Immorality
    Gay people not getting married won't prevent earthquakes just as banning abortion won't stop a missile attack. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 20-01-18By Hemant Mehta
  • London: Priest Jailed for 18 Years for Sexually Abusing Boys
    In March 2011, Dom Laurence Soper, (now known as Andrew Soper), the Abbot of Ealing Abbey during the 1990s, was arrested on child abuse charges relating to the period when he was a teacher and the master in charge of discipline at St Benedict's School in west London. He would ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 06-01-18By Lena M
  • Unlicensed Counselor Arrested for Sexual Assault
    Dalton: Helping the Hurting has a mission to restore individuals to better mental health and to a full relationship with Jesus Christ. The organization is a nonprofit. In fiscal year 2016, according to an IRS filing, Helping the Hurting received $48,000 in contributions and spent $57,000, mostly on salaries and ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 06-01-18By Lena M
  • Woman Branded a Hero for Removing Hijab in Iran
    Protests in Iran began last Thursday and they were sparked by poor economic conditions. But they have quickly turned into massive demonstrations, not just against economic policy, but against the Islamist controlled government as a whole. Protests so far resulted in at least 22 deaths and more than 500 arrests. ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 06-01-18By Lena M
  • Ohio: Law Bans Abortions in Down Syndrome Cases
    Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich signed the legislation which is banning doctors to perform abortions in cases where tests reveal the fetus has or likely has Down syndrome. The law was signed on Dec. 22 and it goes into effect in 90 days. "The governor is pro-life and supports policies ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 03-01-18By Lena M