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  • Trump Will Cut Funding for Obama’s Program Lowering Teen Pregnancy Rates
    White evangelical Christians are now supporting a President whose irrational policies hurt their own agenda.When will they finally admit it? ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 20-08-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Christians Are Using #EmptyThePews To Explain Why They Left Their Churches
    Perhaps if Christians who walked away from church (even if they still believe in God) explain why they left, others will take the hint. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 20-08-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Podcast Ep. 177: People Are Seriously Boycotting the Eclipse
    They also discussed an unhinged pastor from New Zealand, Tim Allen's ignorance of evolution, and the Juggalos. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 19-08-17By Hemant Mehta
  • A Survey of the Alt-Right Exploited a Complete Misunderstanding of Evolution
    The researchers were able to put a number on the alt-right's views, but they used scientific illiteracy to get there. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 19-08-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Empty Bus Seats Mistaken for Burqas
    This picture, posted to a Facebook group for Norwegians critical of immigration, showing six empty bus seats, was mistaken for a group of women wearing burqas. A group for Norwegians critical of immigration, called “Fedrelandet viktigst” or “Fatherland first,” reacted very sharply to the image of the empty bus seats. ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 19-08-17By Lena M
  • Naturopathic School Accuses a Former Student of Defamation
    Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a form of pseudoscientific, alternative medicine that employs an array of practices branded as "natural", "non-invasive", and as promoting "self-healing." The ideology and methods of naturopathy are based on vitalism and folk medicine rather than evidence-based medicine. Naturopathic practitioners generally recommend against modern medical practices, ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 19-08-17By Lena M
  • Courthouse is going to Remove Religious Phrase
    The Nelson County Courthouse in Virginia would cover up the phrase “Virtus — Keep God’s Commandments — Veritas” which was discovered during a renovation of the old building. Those words had been placed there probably in 1940s. The Nelson County Board of Supervisors finally put the issue on August 8th ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 19-08-17By Lena M
  • Schools Violate God’s Law – Christian Pastor Said
    Kevin Swanson is the director of Generations, a subsidiary of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado which produces Generations Radio, a daily radio program he hosts himself. In his radio program, on August 11, Swanson and his co-host Bill Jack were outraged because of the fact that public schools in ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 19-08-17By Lena M
  • Proof Near Death Experiences may in fact be real
    Today another user on a different forum cited these facts about NDEs. I want to know if this gives a Near Death Experience more credence: Here are some arguments against current scientific ideas about Near Death Experiences:First, Lack of Oxygen to the brain:Hogan: Lack of oxygen causes stupor without ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 14-08-17By Violeta Babacan
  • Embrace the word ‘atheist’: CosmicSkeptic meets MrAtheistPants
    Atheism UK organised for David Silverman @MrAtheistPants, President of American Atheists to talk to Atheism UK @ConwayHall on Monday 24th July 2017. @CosmicSkeptic came to this meeting and quizzed David after his talk, in the pub. Do you believe in any god? No? Congratulations: you’re an atheist. You may not ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 06-08-17By Atheism UK President
  • INFORMED? I don’t think so!
    On the radio today I was asked what I thought about the statute of limitation applied to survivors of childhood sexual abuse desiring to bring a complaint?Well it is quite clear what I think- it is quite appalling! When you consider that sometimes it takes a victims fifty years before ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 04-08-17By Sue Cox
  • Norman Bacrac: Why taking a step beyond atheism would be wrong
    Matthew P. Turner submitted an essay about ‘Ignosticism’ to Atheism UK in May 2017. Norman Bacrac (Atheism UK Council member) responds: “Matthew begins by asking if it’s time for non-believers to go ‘beyond atheism’. He regards ‘god’ as the ‘emptiest, most meaningless word in the language’ because we are unlikely ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 02-08-17By Atheism UK President
  • Taking A Step Beyond Atheism by Matthew Turner
    Matthew P. Turner wrote to Atheism UK in March 2017 asking “Is there a name for the position that no meaningful debate can be conducted regarding ‘god’ because we lack a satisfactory definition of what ‘god’ even is?” I replied suggesting ‘ignosticism‘. M.P. Turner said: “Dear Chris, Many thanks ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 02-08-17By Atheism UK President
  • Atheism UK AGM at Conway Hall, London on 5th August 2017
    Atheism UK AGM The 2017 Atheism UK AGM will be held in the Artists Room at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL on Saturday 5th August at 4 pm (doors open 3.45 pm). At the AGM, the Atheism UK Council will review our 2016/17 activities and our ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 01-08-17By Atheism UK President
  • WHY?
    After finishing a conversation on the phone with someone who wanted me to teach a four day course in one day! I find myself pondering her question: "Why do you need to give that  amount of information?"And indeed WHY?  should  always be the question! But NOT in this context!  I do ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 30-07-17By Sue Cox
  • Out Of The Shadows
    I don't watch this very often, because it still makes me cry when I see my beautiful friends heartbreak.But someone asked me to send it to them, and I had to watch it.I decided to post it to send my love to the people in it and so that I ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 04-07-17By Sue Cox
  • Today is the day!
    My adopted Mother didn't ever say anything much of any great wisdom, in fact I could count on one hand anything of real value! She did have  a wealth of clever sayings though, thrown out on a regular basis, usually religious in nature, but nothing of real consequence. One thing that ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 01-07-17By Sue Cox
  • Belief
    It seems that  I feel myself to be a GNOSTIC ATHEIST.  Despite not being able conclusively to say there is NO god, I so strongly don't believe in one-or any-I just don't believe that one is possible.  Just superstitious nonsense written in various books.  It's all crap.  That is how ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 20-06-17By Chris Russell

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