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  • If Atheists Don’t Believe in God, Do They Believe in Love?
    I can't believe people ask this question, but I've heard it many times. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 22-10-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Ken Ham: We Should Stop Using “LGBTQ” Because It’s Unbiblical
    A man who can't read a science book shouldn't mess with the alphabet. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 22-10-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Maryland’s Governor Has No Clue Why a Giant Christian Cross Memorial is Illegal
    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is whining because he doesn't want to follow the Constitution. ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 22-10-17By Hemant Mehta
  • A California Megachurch Illegally Endorsed a Candidate for an Irrigation Board
    A church can't promote a political candidate and keep its tax exemption.So what will happen now that this church has broken the rules? ... (more)
    Source: Friendly AtheistPublished: 22-10-17By Hemant Mehta
  • Atheists Win Against TX Governor in Solstice Censorship Suit
    The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has prevailed in federal court against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who ordered the removal of the FFRF's winter solstice Bill of Rights Nativity from the Texas Capitol in 2015, as FFRF reports. The Texas State Capitol has an open forum for holiday displays. The ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 20-10-17By Lena M
  • U.S. House Excludes Atheists from Offering Invocations
    Last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sued U.S. House Chaplain Patrick Conroy, a Roman Catholic priest, for barring FFRF Co-President Dan Barker from delivering a secular guest invocation to the House because he does not believe in God. Barker and the FFRF sued Conroy, members of his staff ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 20-10-17By Lena M
  • Poll: Religion Does More Harm than Good
    The survey of more than 17,000 people across 23 countries by polling firm Ipsos found opinion is evenly divided about the influence that religion has in society. Forty-Nine percent of respondents across all countries agreed with the statement "religion does more harm in the world than good". That proportion in ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 20-10-17By Lena M
  • You Can be Good Without God, Most Americans Say
    The Pew Research Center’s study gave interesting answers on the question – Is it necessary to believe in God to be moral? The results showed that more Americans than ever before believe that you don’t need to believe in God to be moral and have good values. Actually, 56% of ... (more)
    Source: Atheist RepublicPublished: 20-10-17By Lena M
  • Discrimination of Atheists
    I was having a chat with a christian friend the other week. I tweet a lot about non-religious/anti-religious/anti-god topics, and he was confused why I tweeted:  " I wonder when it's the right time to drop the bomb on someone I've just met that I'm Atheist."  He didn't understand. He ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 17-10-17By Violetta Fay
  • Self-confirmed atheists volunteer for a “mystical experience”…
    After this event, over 70% no longer identified with atheism. The study suggests that "mystical experience" may be a metanoia, a conversion experience for atheists. This is a study that was published earlier this year, 2017. In the link below, Roland Griffiths elaborates more on this very interesting research. ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 25-09-17By Jimmy
  • I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.
    I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.   I enjoyed a good chuckle the other day when a friend of mine, with a Southern drawl spoke to me.   Thars gonna be some nuken on this cheer earth. King of the terrorist Trump gonna see to thatun thare chore. ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 20-09-17By D L
  • Child indoctrination help for ex-Christians by Drs. Darrel Ray & Marlene Winell
    The September 2017 Church of England survey reveals the extent of childhood indoctrination in Britain. So Atheism UK has compiled this post about child indoctrination help by Dr. Darrel Ray of Kids Without Gods and Dr. Marlene Winell of Journey Free: Recovery from Harmful Religion. ‘Indoctrination’ defined “The process of ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 17-09-17By Atheism UK President
  • Childhood indoctrination of pre-school toddlers creates up to two-thirds of British Christians says survey
    A Church of England survey this week reveals the staggering extent of probable childhood indoctrination in Britain. The survey shows that nearly two-thirds of all British Christians become Christian when they were still toddlers at 0-4 years old. (1,2) Seventeen out of twenty Christians become Christian when children or teenagers, only one ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 17-09-17By Atheism UK President
  • The slow steady growth of non-religious in UK
    Headlines of the British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS) for 2016 were released this week showing the growth of non-religious. (1) The media has covered them widely. Those responding ‘no-religion’ to the question on religious affiliation were 52.8% of the interviewees (weighting corrected). This is the highest figure reported by the ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 09-09-17By Matt Sheard
  • Holy Shits!
    I have sent this letter today to the UN committee, please do pass it on to anyone and everyone, the vatican  cannot be above the law! Warwickshire U.K.6th September 2017I am once again writing to you in my capacity as co founder of Survivors Voice Europe regarding the 2014 ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 08-09-17By Sue Cox
  • Will Muslims love Trump? They are whiny little bitches just like him.
    Will Muslims love Trump? They are whiny little bitches just like him.   You Owe Us an Apology   Don't bite the hand that feeds you.   Brand New Leather Jacket   I like Trump better than the average right wing Muslim though. He just grabs pussy; ... (more)
    Source: Think Atheist ForumPublished: 07-09-17By D L
  • 1 in 8 UK adults are ‘convinced atheists’ – Gallop poll
    A Gallop poll indicates that 13%, more than 1 in 8 of the UK adult population, are ‘convinced atheists‘ (4). Most noteworthy, a further 53%, more than 1 in 2 adults, are non-religious. Only 30%, less than 1 in 3 of the UK adult population, are religious (1,3). In this poll, ... (more)
    Source: Atheism UKPublished: 04-09-17By Atheism UK President
  • Happy Seventieth!
     Today my husband is 70!! He says he never thought he would make it past nineteen!I am so glad he did, we all would be a lot poorer without his presence.Apart from being an amazing artist, an extraordinary drummer and a brilliant cook,this is the man who took me on ... (more)
    Source: SurvivorPublished: 23-08-17By Sue Cox

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