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  • A Heartfelt Reply
    By Tania ~ Recently I received an email/sermon from a somewhat-young-to-middle-aged person in my circle of friends and family members. The email arrived in my inbox not completely out-of-the-blue, because we’d talked briefly on the phone about a week before and we generally do keep in contact somewhat regularly. But ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 22-10-17
  • From Fundamentalism to Atheism – a 40 Year Journey
    By ObstacleChick ~ I was raised in a Southern Baptist family where my grandfather was a deacon (at one time chairman of the deacons) and my grandmother was a Sunday school teacher and Women's Missionary Union teacher. I'm not entirely sure what my grandfather's feelings were about the church, but ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 22-10-17
  • Venting from a Not-so-religious place, but still believing that God Exists
    By Chelsea Blinston ~ I started by saying my pseudonym is a girl's name, and yes, I can associate with things more attributed to the opposite gender because I'm free to do so and also curious about gender. But I identify as male, currently. I'm in my middle 20s and ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 22-10-17
  • The “Real Christian” Mystery
    By Carl S. ~ Clear the fog, part the curtain. What's going on? Mention an immoral act of a Christian, and you'll get, “He wasn't a real Christian.” The argument is, if that person really believed, he wouldn't have done it. This leaves a lot of examples of Christian behavior ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 22-10-17
    There is a vast array of logical objections to theism. Many objections aren't included here. New objections will no doubt emerge. Do any succeed?We have seen how, with some ingenuity, it is always possible to find a way round an internal and external logical objection, by, say, tweaking your definition ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 22-10-17By Stephen Law
  • Humanists UK advocates ending homeopathy prescriptions across the NHS
    Homeopathic pills. NHS England is currently holding a public consultation on new guidance for all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) recommending ceasing prescriptions for several treatments including all homeopathic and herbal treatments. NHS England is recommending that CCGs should no longer prescribe either of these treatments to new patients and to ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 20-10-17By Richy Thompson
  • Report into England’s third largest academy chain raises fresh questions over faith ethos academies
    A governor at an Oasis school described the academy chain as ‘faith schools by stealth’ The status of ‘faith ethos’ academies has been brought back into focus this week by a new report into England’s third largest academy chain, Oasis. The report, which details the overtly religious ethos of Oasis ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 20-10-17By Jay Harman
  • Big Picture Labour vs Pragmatic Labour
    I think Labour folk fall broadly into two camps:1. BIG PICTURE LABOUR. These folk look at the social and economic trajectory of 100 years plus, and believe that:(i) Immediately after WW2, a huge shift took place that gave rights, social security, NHS, etc. to ordinary working people who, pre-War, had ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 20-10-17By Stephen Law
  • ‘Accept a debate’ Universities to be FINED if student unions ban controversial speakers, Express, 19 October 2017
    ‘Accept a debate’ Universities to be FINED if student unions ban controversial speakers, Express, 19 October 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 19-10-17By CEMB
  • C of E school services grow as congregations decline
    The number of children attending Church of England services during school time has risen for at least the third consecutive year. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 19-10-17
  • Nuclear fusion, saving the bees, and the science of sweat
    Chemistry, Biology, Physics: Three scientists talk through big recent developments in their fields. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 19-10-17
  • Irish Parliament Committee rules out maintaining current abortion restrictions in full ahead of referendum
    The Oireachtas (Irish legislature) Committee on Abortion has voted not to recommend the retaining of the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution in full ahead of the national referendum on reforming its strict abortion laws scheduled for the summer of 2018. The committee is responsible for recommending what question will ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 19-10-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • Humanists UK warns schools and parents about ‘evangelical’ Christmas shoebox appeal
    As the Christmas period approaches parents and school-children alike are gearing up to send ‘shoeboxes’ of gifts to children less fortunate than themselves around the world. One shoebox appeal, known as Operation Christmas Child, is run by Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical Christian organisation originating from the United States. Humanists UK, ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 19-10-17By Jay Harman
  • Parents’ protests stop evangelism in Kent school
    A primary school in Kent has stopped inviting a Christian evangelist group to lead assemblies and lessons, following complaints from parents. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 18-10-17
  • Government ‘obfuscates’ over employment discrimination in faith schools
    The NSS has accused the government of obfuscating over the extent of religious schools' ability to discriminate when hiring teachers. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 18-10-17
  • Donations fuel record C of E parish income
    Income generated by Church of England parishes topped £1 billion for the first time in 2015. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 17-10-17
  • The Facts about the Al-Hijrah Gender Segregation Judgement
    On Friday, in a landmark judgement, the Court of Appeal ruled – as Asian and Muslim feminists have long argued – that gender segregation in co-ed schools is unlawful sex discrimination and is a violation of the Equality Act 2010. The ruling overturned a previous verdict where Justice Jay at the ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 17-10-17By Yasmin
  • Disestablish and be damned
    The Church of England continues to hold incredible constitutional power, to the detriment of the UK. Can this be challenged? ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 16-10-17
  • Boy Scouts Still Shut the Door on Some Kids
    The Boy Scouts of America has gotten more inclusive in recent years, but this makes its exclusion of atheist children all the more conspicuous. ... (more)
    Source: Our Humanity, naturallyPublished: 15-10-17By David Niose
  • Joint Statement from Inspire and Southall Black Sisters
    In a landmark judgement handed down today, the Court of Appeal found that ‘separate but equal’ treatment on the basis of gender at a school can amount to unlawful sex discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 (EqA). The Court (Etherton MR and Beatson and Gloster LJJ) had been asked to ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 13-10-17By Yasmin
  • “30 years… beyond belief!” First Humanist festival held in Italy by UAAR
    Clicca qui per leggere l’articolo in italiano The Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (UAAR) celebrated its 30th birthday last week with the very first “humanist” festival ever held in Italy. It is a landmark step in a country where the word and the concept of modern “humanism” has gained ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 12-10-17By Giovanni Gaetani
  • Let’s help Humanists in Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico is suffering a humanitarian emergency. Two hurricanes in less than one month have devastated the island. IHEU Member Organizations Humanistas Seculares de Puerto Rico (HuSe Puerto Rico) are asking for help from the humanist community worldwide. On 7 September Hurricane Irma, a massive tropical cyclone, passed by the northeast coast of ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 11-10-17By Giovanni Gaetani
  • Journalists – what are they for, exactly?
    Things journalists should learn on day one:1. 'I won't answer a hypothetical question' entails that I won't then say what I will do if I am elected. Absurd.2. A handful of anecdotes makes good copy but is not good evidence (e.g. stories about 'benefit scroungers', immigrants, etc.)3. Smearing/labeling folk (e.g. ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 11-10-17By Stephen Law
  • IHEU awards seven grants to “Humanist Regional Hubs”
    In August the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) launched a new programme for “Regional Humanist Hub” grants. We have now awarded 4 grants in the current round of funding and plan to re-open the same process next January, focusing this time on Africa as IHEU’s new priority region for 2018. As part ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 11-10-17By Giovanni Gaetani
  • The business of death in a growing world
    As the population increases, so does the number of corpses – and the way we dispose of the dead may be about to change. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 09-10-17
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