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  • Continental vs Analytic Philosophy – powerpoint slides
    Richard Dawkins recently tweeted: 'Philosophers happily speak of “continental philosophy.” What science department would appoint a professor to teach “continental chemistry”?' Is Dawkins suggesting Continental philosophy is bunkum? Well, quite a bit is, I think. Indeed, the term was actually introduced by Ryle and other analytic philosophers as a dismissive ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 19-08-17By Stephen Law
  • 24 British politicians write to Pakistan demanding repeal of laws against blasphemy
    As Pakistan celebrates its 70th anniversary as an independent state, 24 British politicians, led by Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh, have written to the Pakistani government urging it to repeal its divisive and devastating blasphemy laws, which have been used widely to persecute humanists and religious minorities. Humanists UK, which is ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 18-08-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • Segregation under one roof: new joint campus for Catholic and Jewish primary schools in Glasgow
    A new £17m campus which houses Catholic and Jewish faith schools together has opened in East Renfrewshire. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 18-08-17
  • What is, and isn’t, Islamophobic/anti-semitic?
    There's currently a great deal of talk about Islamophobia and anti-semitism in the UK press. You won't be surprised to hear me say I am very firmly against both forms of prejudice. However, I suspect many would consider me guilty of one or other. I suspect many Muslims or Muslim-supporters ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 18-08-17By Stephen Law
  • Same-sex marriages need not be recognised in Northern Ireland, court rules
    The High Court has ruled that same-sex marriages which are entered into in England do not need to be recognised in Northern Ireland. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 18-08-17
  • Why we are entitled to point a finger at Islam on oppresion and bigotry
    (This is reposted from CFI blogs, where it appeared 2015 - still relevant though)In his recent post at the Daily Dot titled 'Atheism has a Richard Dawkins Problem', Ben Branstetter criticises Dawkins's targeting of Islam and the Quran as sources of bigotry and oppression. Branstetter writes:Dawkins seems to be targeting ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 18-08-17By Stephen Law
  • KG – Asase Yaa
    By Karen Garst ~ Over the last several weeks, I have listened to a number of podcasts about atheism, feminism, and men’s rights. In addition, I watched the news regarding the G20 Summit and the G19 support for the Paris Climate Accords. I decided to write this post about an ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 17-08-17
  • The Persecution of the Non-Believer
    By Sharpened Grey ~ Often we hear tales of Christians being persecuted, ridiculed and judged for their beliefs. Standing up for those beliefs are a testament of faith and cause for high praise amongst Christian peers, but what about the non-believers?Growing up, I was in and out of churches. I ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 17-08-17
  • Christian Math Just Doesn’t Add Up
    By AstrejaOne thing I've noticed about Christians proselytizing online is that rather a lot of them try to come across as Scientists, with a capital S.  In this context, one gets to hear all sorts of twisted misinterpretations of physics and biology.  Not one of them seems to understand what ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 17-08-17
  • Same-sex marriage cases dismissed by Northern Ireland High Court
    Belfast High Court. Photo: Cathrine Johansson. The High Court in Belfast has today rejected a claim brought by a same-sex couple who got married in England and wanted to have their marriage legally recognised in Northern Ireland, and by two other couples who wished to challenge the failure of the ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 17-08-17By Liam Whitton
  • Caught between Hindu and Buddhist nationalists: Rohingya Muslims face expulsion
    The Indian government plans to deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living in the country to Myanmar after labelling them all illegal immigrants. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 17-08-17
  • Our Distinguished Services Awards Recipients – 2017
    At the recent IHEU General Assembly 2017, we made two awards to commend the remarkable efforts of two activists who have had an incredible impact in their chosen fields. On behalf of the IHEU Board, the president of the IHEU, Andrew Copson, first gave the commendation for a special, posthumous Distinguished Services ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 17-08-17By IHEU Admin
  • NSS calls for proposals to ban ‘gay cure therapies’ after Liverpool church encourages starvation
    The National Secular Society has called on the government to consider banning so-called gay conversion 'therapies' after a Liverpool church encouraged LGBT+ people to starve themselves for long periods. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 17-08-17
  • British values: the autumn 2017 New Humanist
    Out now - reflections on a divided society ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 17-08-17
  • Seeking a cure for HIV
    A child in South Africa appears to have been "cured" of HIV - and has lived treatment free for nearly nine years. What can this tell us? ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 16-08-17
  • The Great Firewall
    Apple is just the latest tech giant that has failed to stand up to Chinese censorship. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 15-08-17
  • “Extremism must be met by swift and humane opposition”: statement on Charlottesville rally
    On Saturday afternoon, the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, became the scene of a rally by white supremacists, billed as “Unite the Right”. Groups of self-styled militia including the Ku Klux Klan carried weapons and torches, and rallying cries included racist and Nazi slogans. There were violent clashes with counter-protesters. Heather ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 14-08-17By IHEU Admin
  • ‘Discrimination, pure and simple’: Liberty intervenes in support of Northern Ireland humanist marriage case
    Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane, the claimants in the case. The human rights charity Liberty has intervened in support of humanists Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane and their case to secure recognition for humanist marriages in Northern Ireland. Calling the lack of such recognition ‘discrimination, pure and simple’, Liberty’s intervention ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 14-08-17By Richy Thompson
  • Dear God.
    Amy Jane ~ the peace you leave with meis not peace at allit is a tiny, raging sun that burns me alive.the love you are is not love:it sheds the blood of innocentsand swallows me wholethe salvation you offer is not salvation at allit is a cowed and worthless souldamned ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 13-08-17
  • Should Corbyn one-sidedly condemn the violence of Venezuelan Government forces?
    You don't like Corbyn and you want to discredit him and his leftist supporters by pointing out his even-handed condemnation of violence in Venezuela. And now Trump has condemned the violence on both sides in Charlottesville, despite it being clear that it's alt-rightists that are primarily responsible. So can you ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 13-08-17By Stephen Law
  • Blood Spills Over a Statue of Lee
    Why would blood spill over a statue of a Civil War general? Because public displays validate ideas. ... (more)
    Source: Our Humanity, naturallyPublished: 13-08-17By David Niose
  • Have your say: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs consult on ending homeopathy funding
    Homeopathic lactose sugar globules in glass bottles Take action! You can respond to the consultation on the NHS’s website, and read our model response to help you draft your own. The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire have launched a public consultation asking for the ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 11-08-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • Tears and joy at IHEU General Assembly 2017
    The IHEU General Assembly 2017 took place on Sunday (6 August), as part of a weekend of events hosted in London, UK by Humanists UK. The programme of events began on Friday with IHEU Regional Networking workshops, as well as the General Assembly of our youth section, IHEYO, and a Humanist Professionals ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 10-08-17By IHEU Admin
  • IHEU deplores backlash and “hunt” against atheists in Malaysia
    Atheists who were photographed celebrating at a recent meeting in Kuala Lumpur are being “hunted” by the authorities, and receiving death threats. Malaysia is investigating a local atheist meetup group, a government minister said yesterday (7 August 2017) after a picture from their meeting held by the group in Kuala Lumpur ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 08-08-17By Dharini Samarasinha
  • The power of small acts of resistance
    Q&A with Steve Crawshaw, author of Street Spirit, a book on the power of mischief in protest. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 07-08-17
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