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    By AS SEEN ON TV ~ If you or a loved one has any two of the following symptoms:currently livinga biological father... then you are suffering from borna sinna.Without treatment, your B.S. condition will never heal, and your condition will worsen into unbearable torture.HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS? The ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 25-06-17
  • Broken Promises and False Hope
    By Pendaflex ~ I have read and enjoyed the many testimonies on this site and I am glad to share my experience. Many of the testimonials are very well written, I am not a great writer but hopefully my experience will help some one else.I was "saved" when I was ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 25-06-17
  • Why aren’t there more women atheists?
    By Karen Garst ~ We all know that the movement called the “New Atheism” was promoted most importantly by the “Four Horsemen.” These men¾Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens¾all became very outspoken after the tragedy of 9/11. Each of them published seminal books in the ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 25-06-17
  • Why “God Is Sin” Is Important
    By Carl S ~ FoundationOfUnity's essay: “God is Sin,” (3/26/2017) is worthy of serious consideration. Whatever we have been told about “sin” takes on a different meaning when it's understood as distinct from morality. The author makes this distinction when he tells us, “God is sin...this is true. I know ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 25-06-17
  • MPs to argue for free access to NHS abortion services in England for Northern Ireland women
    MPs from all major parties will debate an amendment to the Queen’s speech requesting that the UK Government considers passing legislation to allow women normally resident in Northern Ireland to have access to free abortion services within England. Humanists UK, which has organised a petition of the Prime Minister on ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 23-06-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • First ever legal humanist wedding ceremony takes place in Northern Ireland
    The first ever legal humanist wedding ceremony took place in Northern Ireland yesterday afternoon. After a lengthy legal battle to secure recognition, Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane wed in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family and conducted by Humanists UK celebrant Isabel Russo. On Monday, Laura and Eunan ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 23-06-17By Richy Thompson
  • From Italy to Guatemala: IHEU announces its second Café Humaniste
    After the pilot event in Milan last week, IHEU announces a new Café Humaniste in Guatemala City on 8 July on the theme “Mind games. Illusionism and beliefs”, organised by the IHEU and the Guatemalan Humanists. The very first “Café Humaniste” successfully took place on 16 June in Milan, organized by ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 22-06-17By Giovanni Gaetani
  • Church of England ‘colluded’ with sex abuse bishop and failed victims, says report
    The head of the Church of England, Justin Welby, has admitted that the Church "concealed" evidence of child abuse by a former bishop and failed to help his victims. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 22-06-17
  • Caste: Anti-discrimination groups issue ‘urgent call’ to participate in government’s consultation
    The NSS has urged supporters to respond to a Government consultation on caste discrimination, as new website aids those who support specifically outlawing discrimination based on 'caste' to respond. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 22-06-17
  • Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Government is exploring free NHS abortions for Northern Ireland women
    Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the Scottish Government is exploring whether to remove financial barriers within NHS Scotland imposed upon women normally resident in Northern Ireland who cross the Irish Sea to access safe and legal abortion. She first announced that this policy would be considered in ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 22-06-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • NSS calls for end to state funded ‘religiosity inspections’ in schools
    The NSS has called for Ofsted to inspect RE in faith schools after research revealed that millions of pounds of public money has been paid to religious organisations to carry out additional inspections of denominational RE. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 21-06-17
  • IHEU launches World Humanist Day crowdfunding campaign
    Today, for World Humanist Day the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to protect humanists at risk around the world. The campaign at comes after the IHEU’s annual Freedom of Thought Report has tracked a rise in targeted violence against non-religious people. The IHEU is the democratic global ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 21-06-17By IHEU Admin
  • Humanists at UN highlight role of free expression in fostering tolerance
    Humanists have told the United Nations: to combat intolerance we don’t need restrictions on free expression, we need more free expression. During its final statement to the 35th session of the UN Human Rights Council, the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) with the support of its sister organisation, the European Humanist ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 20-06-17By Elizabeth O'Casey
  • First legal humanist wedding ceremony in Northern Ireland will go ahead, Thursday
    Humanists Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane have been granted legal authority by the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland to have their Humanists UK-accredited humanist celebrant be authorised to conduct a legal marriage ceremony. The decision follows a hearing at the court today on an appeal by Northern Ireland’s ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 19-06-17By Richy Thompson
  • IHEU and coalition of NGOs highlight concerns about ‘Protection of the Family’ resolution at UN
    In conjunction with a number of human rights NGOs, the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has called on UN Human Rights Council members to reject a draft resolution on “Protection of the Family” due to its falling short on human rights grounds. Joined and supported by a range of human ... (more)
    Source: IHEUPublished: 19-06-17By Elizabeth O'Casey
  • Echoes of history at Europe’s borders
    Almost a century after a mass “exchange” of Muslim and Christian minorities, the Aegean coast sees a new wave of refugees. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 19-06-17
  • NSS calls on European leaders to robustly promote the “democratic value” of separation of religion and state
    The National Secular Society today called on EU presidents to promote "democratic values", warning that past assumptions about the place of religion in politics and modern society being settled may no longer apply. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 19-06-17
  • Book review: Attrib. and Other Stories
    Eley Williams' debut collection of short stories is joyfully experimental. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 15-06-17
  • Tim Farron Resigns As A Persecuted Christian 
    Tim Farron had to go as leader of the Liberal Democrats. There are real concerns that the Conservative deal with the Northern Ireland DUP to be a minority government would mean social policy against gay rights and women’s rights being … Continue reading ... (more)
    Source: Homo EconomicusPublished: 14-06-17By John Sargeant
  • The real consequences of misogyny on-screen
    Sexual violence against women has become a staple of mainstream entertainment. It’s a worrying trend. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 12-06-17
  • “Glastonbury of Freethinkers”: conference on freedom of conscience and expression, NSS Newsline, 12 June 2017
    “Glastonbury of Freethinkers”: conference on freedom of conscience and expression, NSS Newsline, 12 June 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 12-06-17By CEMB
  • Mark fifth anniversary of Raif Badawi’s arrest
    This month marks five years since the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi was arrested in Jeddah in June 2012. Almost two years later, in May 2014, Badawi was sentenced to ten years in prison, 1000 lashes, a huge fine, and two additional penalties – a ten-year travel ban and ten-year ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 08-06-17By CEMB
  • ‘‘Saying something is a miracle is a failure of imagination’’
    Q&A with philosopher and scientist Daniel Dennett. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 08-06-17
  • Who To Vote For?
    Some of you may still be wondering whom to vote for. This piece explains one of the key reasons why I'll be voting Labour, not Tory.The famous Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a very honest and wise judge, was in the habit of asking, time ... (more)
    Source: Stephen Law’s ‘What is Humanism’Published: 07-06-17By Stephen Law
  • Islamists want their terrorism to become the new normal, The Freethinker, 7 June 2017
    Islamists want their terrorism to become the new normal, The Freethinker, 7 June 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 07-06-17By CEMB
Humanist Life – BHA blog
  • Discussing atheism in highly religious countries
    With the news replete with stories of humanists and freethinkers killed and persecuted for ‘blasphemy’ around the world, Alex Sinclair-Lack asks ‘How candid can I be about my beliefs’? Amman’s Citadel in Jordan. Photo by Alex Sinclair-Lack. All humanists must grapple with the question of when it is appropriate to ... (more)
    Source: Humanist Life – BHA blogPublished: 11-05-17By Guest author
  • Seven reasons why this year’s Easter egg debacle was ridiculous
    Last week, the Archbishop of York criticised the National Trust and Cadbury for dropping the word ‘Easter’ from the name of their annual egg hunt. This prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to take time out of her visit to the Middle East to state: ‘I think the stance they have ... (more)
    Source: Humanist Life – BHA blogPublished: 13-04-17By Rachel Taggart-Ryan
  • The people who keep us safe
    Heroes are not the stuff of myth: they keep us safe each and every day It’s normal when confronted by horrific events someplace in the world to feel a mixture of emotions. Grief, for the victims whose stories you have read about in the papers. Anger, for the fact ... (more)
    Source: Humanist Life – BHA blogPublished: 27-03-17By Liam Whitton
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