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  • Humanists UK encourages responses to Government RSE and PSHE consultation
    Following legislation passed last year, all primary schools in England will have to teach Relationships Education to their pupils from September 2019, and all secondary schools must teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). The Department for Education has now launched a consultation on what should be taught as part of ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 18-01-18By Jay Harman
  • Noel Conway wins permission to appeal his assisted dying case
    Humanist and assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway. Noel Conway has today won permission to appeal the decision of the High Court that he cannot be assisted to die with dignity. The decision means that Humanists UK member Noel, who suffers from motor neurone disease, will now have his case heard ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 18-01-18By Richy Thompson
  • Home Office tells humanist he’ll be deported for not identifying Plato or Aristotle
    Help us save Hamza’s life: sign our petition to Amber Rudd asking her to reverse this decision The Home Office has rejected a claim for asylum on the grounds that the claimant, when asked to name ancient Greek philosophers who were humanists, did not name Plato and Aristotle. The ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 17-01-18By Liam Whitton
  • Northern Ireland Court of Appeal holds final hearing in humanist marriage case
    Eunan and Laura on their wedding day. The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has held what is expected to be the final of its four hearings as to whether to extend legal recognition to humanist marriages. The hearing, which took place on Monday, follows on from Northern Ireland Humanists patrons ... (more)
    Source: BHA newsPublished: 16-01-18By Richy Thompson
  • Coroner faces legal threat over refusal to prioritise religious burials
    The NSS has expressed support for a North London coroner facing calls to be sacked after refusing to prioritise religious burials over others. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 05-01-18
  • Unstunned meat widespread in UK supermarkets, NSS research reveals
    Meat from animals which have not been stunned before slaughter is widespread in UK supermarkets, NSS research has found. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 04-01-18
  • The end of work as we know it?
    The idea of what employment really means has undergone radical changes. Now, some thinkers are questioning whether it should exist at all. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 03-01-18
  • Alabama Conservatives are Right: Roy Moore’s Behavior is Perfectly Biblical
    By Valerie Tarico ~ Conservative Christians often proclaim that the Quran encourages marriage and molestation of girls who are too young for consent. But it’s rare that they take to the airwaves proclaiming that the Bible does the same. By citing the Bible and Christian tradition in defense of Roy ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 01-01-18
  • An “Earthquake” in My Faith
    By Srdjan ~ Firstly, excuse me for my bad English, I am citizen of an ex-communist country. My name is Srdjan (derived from greek Sergios, meaning Saint from Hyos) and surname Michailovic (like famous writer Fyodor Michailovic Dostoevsky, looooool..)During my school years atheism was imposed to us pupils. I thought ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 01-01-18
    By Steven Dustcircle ~ On the way to the gym, I drive by this house that has a weird display.For years, this rickety, little house has a weathering paint job, rusty vintage vehicles, and a roughly constructed wooden cross shoved into a hole in the ground. Across the crossbeam are ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 01-01-18
  • Nothing They Told Us Was Actually the Truth
    By Karen Garst ~ I started challenging myths when I was about twelve years old. That’s right! I was a young skeptic, very young. Being raised in a religious cult can do that to a kid. Through the lottery of birth, I started my life in a family of religious ... (more)
    Source: Ex-Christian.netPublished: 01-01-18
  • Religion and politics should not mix, says British public
    A majority of Brits want religion kept out of politics and bishops to lose their automatic right to sit in the Lords, a survey has found. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 27-12-17
  • Children’s rights paramount as trans parent gets visitation appeal
    A judge has ruled that a transgender parent can appeal to have contact with her children, despite a religious community's opposition. ... (more)
    Source: NSS NewslinePublished: 21-12-17
  • Book review: The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve
    It might be a preposterous story, but we are shaped by the Adam and Eve myth - as Stephen Greenblatt's latest book explains. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 21-12-17
  • Best of 2017: interviews and columns
    New Humanist's top 10 interviews and columns this year. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 19-12-17
  • Best of 2017: culture
    New Humanist's top 10 culture pieces this year. ... (more)
    Source: New Humanist articlesPublished: 19-12-17
  • NSS: free speech should be promoted as “a positive value” on campus, NSS, 15 December 2017
    NSS: free speech should be promoted as “a positive value” on campus, NSS, 15 December 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 15-12-17By CEMB
  • Warum die Linke muslimische Islamkritiker lieber ausgrenzt, NZZ, 9 December 2017
    Warum die Linke muslimische Islamkritiker lieber ausgrenzt, NZZ, 9 December 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 09-12-17By CEMB
  • Leaving The Faith, The Sun Magazine, 1 December 2017
    Leaving The Faith, The Sun Magazine, 1 December 2017 ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 01-12-17By CEMB
  • Join us on 10 December for an End-Year celebration
    Dear friend End-Year drinks We hope you will be able to join Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) for an end-year celebration on Sunday 10 December 2017 from 2-6pm near London Kings Cross. Speakers will include Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell, CEMB spokespersons Maryam Namazie and Sadia Hameed, Morrocan Ex-Muslim ... (more)
    Source: CEMBPublished: 27-11-17By CEMB
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