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  • Universities highlight existing divisions in society
    A new study from the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath has found major inequality between the ethnic composition of universities in the UK. The study finds that while universities are more diverse than where most students grew up, students from the most and least diverse neighbourhoods ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 18-08-17By Paul Pettinger
  • News Round Up 18/08/2017
      Hart News Round Up – 18th August 2017   Saturday 19 August is World Humanitarian Day, a global campaign advocating for aid workers who risk their lives to work in war-torn countries, and innocent civilians whose lives and communities are ripped apart by conflict. HART’s partners work in ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 18-08-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • News Round Up 11/08/2017
      HART News Round Up – 11th August 2017 This week, Baroness Caroline Cox and HART are in Nagorno Karabakh to visit the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Center and meet with the Nagorno-Karabakh Foreign Minister and Parliamentary Speaker. We shall be releasing our visit report next week with updates on HART’s ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 11-08-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • News Round Up 04/08/2017
    HART News Round Up – 4th August 2017   Burma Body count rises to six in latest northern Arakan violence. The buddhists are believed to have stumbled upon a camp for Rohingya Muslim militants. People have the right to criticize a democratically elected government, Myanmar’s State Counselor Aung San Suu ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 04-08-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Databank of faith schools research updated
    The Accord Coalition has today updated its free to access databank of research regarding the role of religion and belief in school age education. Newly added pieces of academic study include ones that make arguments which run counter to positions held by Accord, highlighting the breadth of information that the ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 04-08-17By Paul Pettinger
  • News Round Up 28/07/2017
    HART News Round Up – 28th July 2017 Hart News This week we released our Summer 2017 HARTbeat Newsletter. To see the latest news and updates from our partners and the areas where we work, click here. Burma Burma floods kill two, displace more than 100,000. Ko Ko Naing, the Director ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 28-07-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Overwhelming majority of the public think good schools should be mixed environments
    Most people believe pupils being able to mix with those from different backgrounds is an important characteristic of a good secondary school. The finding has been revealed in a report released last month on public attitudes to schools by the education charity, the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). NatCen ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 28-07-17By Paul Pettinger
  • ‘The Urgent Need for Appropriate “Safe Zones” in Iraq’ – Baroness Caroline Cox and Ewelina U. Ochab
    Baroness Caroline Cox and Ewelina U. Ochab argue for the importance of creating adequate “safe zones” in Iraq to protect returning civilians. The original article published by Providence can be found here. – For over two years, many areas of the Nineveh Plains in Iraq were subjected to Daesh (Islamic ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 24-07-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Ofsted battles to prevent gender segregation in faith schools
    In the Court of Appeal last week, Ofsted challenged aspects of a Judicial Review which found against rulings by its inspectors that gender discrimination in a mixed sex faith school was discriminatory and illegal. The Judicial Review was heard in the High Court in November and pursued by the school ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 21-07-17By Paul Pettinger
  • Gender Segregation at School X: Inspire and Southall Black Sisters are intervening at the Court of Appeal
    School X – a co-educational, Muslim voluntary aided school in the UK – segregates its pupils based on their gender. From the age of 9 to 16, Muslim boys and girls are segregated for everything – during lessons and all breaks, activities and school trips. On 13 and 14 June ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 30-06-17By admin
  • Statement on the Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack
    Inspire is shocked to learn about the terrorist attack on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park early this morning in the month of Ramadan. This attack is not only an attack on Muslims; it is an attack on us all and our British values of tolerance, pluralism and diversity that make ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 28-06-17By admin
  • Important update from Inspire – July 2017
    Welcome to Inspire, an independent non-governmental counter-extremism and women’s rights organisation. Almost ten years old, Inspire has been at the forefront of empowering women, championing gender equality and countering extremist narratives.  In 2008, frustrated with the lack of concern and will from many so-called representative Muslim organisations (who were typically ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 28-06-17By admin
  • Colfe’s School Lecture
    On 20th of June 2017, Sara was invited to Colfe’s School to deliver a lecture titled “Our battle against extremism: Defending our Shared values”. In attendance were 150 fully engaged students- feedback following the event was excellent with the school saying that they had never asked so many questions from a ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 28-06-17By admin
  • Speech at the World Security and Counter Terror Expo 2017
    Sara spoke at the UK’s leading national security eventCounter-Terror Expo at Kensington Olympia in May 2017 on: Countering Radicalisation: Strategies and Challenges – A Holistic Approach.  She argued that while countering radicalisation was necessary from a counter-terrorism perspective, it is essential that we adopt a more wider holistic, multi-pronged strategy ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 27-06-17By admin

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