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  • Baroness Cox Presses Government over Syria
    HART’s CEO Baroness Cox spoke in the House of Lords yesterday as part of a series of oral questions scrutinising the UK government’s actions in Syria. Below is Baroness Cox’s question and other highlights.  Watch Baroness Cox’s oral question here. Lord Green of Deddington: To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 20-10-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • World Trust Humanitarian Concerts
    Janusz Piotrowicz, founder of The World Trust, performs international fundraising piano recitals, of classical and romantic masterworks, promoting and supporting humanitarian causes across the globe. The purpose of these concerts is to raise as much money as possible for the chosen causes. Janusz is offering HART a series of such ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 20-10-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Court of Appeal ruling against gender segregation in faith schools is welcomed
    The Court of Appeal has unanimously ruled that a faith school’s strict segregation of pupils by gender amounts to unlawful gender discrimination because it denies individual pupils opportunities to mix socially and interact with other pupils of the opposite sex. The ruling overturns a judgment from the High Court last November that ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 19-10-17By Paul Pettinger
  • The Facts about the Al-Hijrah Gender Segregation Judgement
    On Friday, in a landmark judgement, the Court of Appeal ruled – as Asian and Muslim feminists have long argued – that gender segregation in co-ed schools is unlawful sex discrimination and is a violation of the Equality Act 2010. The ruling overturned a previous verdict where Justice Jay at the ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 17-10-17By Yasmin
  • Joint Statement from Inspire and Southall Black Sisters
    In a landmark judgement handed down today, the Court of Appeal found that ‘separate but equal’ treatment on the basis of gender at a school can amount to unlawful sex discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 (EqA). The Court (Etherton MR and Beatson and Gloster LJJ) had been asked to ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 13-10-17By Yasmin
  • HART Weekly Round Up 13 October 2017
    Questions in the House of Lords Baroness Caroline Cox speaking in parliament. On 12 October this week Baroness Cox spoke in the House of Lords on Sri Lanka in response to a question asked about what assessment the UK government have made of the progress made by the coalition government ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 13-10-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Accord urges Government to address faith school race discrimination
    The UK Government has this week published an audit of government held data on how people from different ethnic groups are treated across different public services. Instigated by the Prime Minister last August, the initiative seeks to ‘reveal racial disparities and help end the burning injustices many people experience across ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 13-10-17By Paul Pettinger
  • HART Weekly Round Up (06/10/2017)
    This week’s HART Weekly Round Up includes blogs, responses from the government to Baroness Cox’s written questions, and a summary of the top stories from the countries where we work. Blogs: Burma’s Forgotten Minorities: The suffering of the Rohingya has made headlines around the world. Yet Burma’s other persecuted minorities ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 06-10-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Jewish nursery school teacher sacked for not being married
    A former teacher at an ultra-Orthodox nursery school in London has claimed they were sacked for being in a cohabitating relationship. The accusation has been made in an Employment Tribunal between the school and former teacher, which has been reported on today in national media. Chair of the Accord Coalition, Rabbi Dr ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 04-10-17By Paul Pettinger
  • News Round Up 29/09/17
    Burma Number of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence reaches 500,000 – There may now be, in fact, 1 million Rohingya in bangladesh, including those displaced from previous military crackdowns. U.S. says countries should suspend providing weapons to Burma – “We cannot be afraid to call the actions of ... (more)
    Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief TrustPublished: 29-09-17By Stephanie Heyden
  • Faith school isolates Rastafarian child for having dreadlocks
    Fulham Boys School in London has demanded that a Rastafarian pupil has their dreadlocks cut off because they break the school’s uniform and appearance policy. The policy of the Church of England free school bans dreadlocks, despite them being important to many Rastafarians. The pupil’s mother has told local media ... (more)
    Source: Accord CoalitionPublished: 29-09-17By Paul Pettinger
  • Inspire Statement on Just Yorkshire’s “Rethinking Prevent”
    We were appalled to read Just Yorkshire’s “Rethinking Prevent” report which while claiming to be “credible,” peddled shocking falsehoods about our organisation and director, Sara Khan. The authors, Dr Waqas Tufail and Dr Bano Murtuja claimed that Inspire “were funded directly by the Home Office and managed by a professional ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 28-08-17
  • After the terror attack in Barcelona: Inspire Director Sara Khan on why it is the job of fellow Muslims to defeat terror
    The Islamic State-inspired atrocity that killed 14 and injured many more in Barcelona will be claimed as another example of the clash of culture, religion and ideas between the world of Islam and the West. There will be a swift recognition that the perpetrators were young men, either first- or ... (more)
    Source: InspirePublished: 24-08-17

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