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  • Sunday: Hili dialogue
    by Grania Good morning! It’s the birthday of philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724), eccentric actor-director John Waters (1946) and a curiously large number of footballers. It’s also the London Marathon today and KV Switzer is running. Kathrine Switzer (1947- ) USA athlete, campaigner. First woman to run the Boston ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 22-04-18By whyevolutionistrue
  • Name the tree
    I posted this picture of the trunk of a tree growing near where I’m staying. Readers demanded to see the leaves before a definitive ID, with one surmising that it might be an aspen. Here’s the trunk: And here are the leaves. They sure don’t look like aspen leaves ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 21-04-18By whyevolutionistrue
  • New Mexico: Silver City to Santa Fe
    It’s sunny and snowing in Santa Fe as I write this morning, but I suppose it happens: after all, the town is nearly 7200 feet above sea level (ca. 2200 m). And it was chilly last night, so I’m glad I brought a fleece. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Silver City, making ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 21-04-18By whyevolutionistrue
  • Caturday felid trifecta (and lagniappe): World’s most photogenic cat; Russian cats passing, Rock-climbing cat
    I have to admit that this cat, which is not a fancy breed or anything, may well be the world’s most photogenic cat. Bored Panda explains in its article “This cat is physically unable to have a bad photo taken of him.” Nyankichi, a male tabby from Kagoshima, Japan, and ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 21-04-18By whyevolutionistrue
  • Freethinker bulletin 194
    Freethinker bulletin 194 Forward to a friend April 21, 2018 FROM the editor Celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Muslim Council of Ex-Muslims with Sherif Gaber Sherif Gaber, an Egyptian atheist  who was forced into hiding in 2016 for making ... (more)
    Source: FreethinkerPublished: 21-04-18