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  • Dick Gregory died
    Yesterday the comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died in Washington, D. C. He was 84; the cause was heart failure. Although he started his comedy career as a convention funnyman, he gradually incorporated more material about racism into his routines. The New York Times gives some of his ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 20-08-17By whyevolutionistrue
  • A thought about “Nazis”
    I was heartened yesterday when anti-racist protests took place in several U.S. cities—and there was no violence. One of the tropes of these protests, of course, is the denigration of “Nazis”, now a broad term for all white supremacists, but also including those supremacists who aren’t members of the American ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 20-08-17By whyevolutionistrue
  • Freud the fraud: a new book
    I’m about halfway through the 600-page book (with over 100 additional pages of notes) by my friend Fred Crews, Freud: The Making of an Illusion, which will be formally released on Tuesday. It’s an excellent read: Fred was formerly chair of the English Department at the University of California at ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 20-08-17By whyevolutionistrue
  • Readers’ wildlife photos (with more science)
    We have another great installment in Professor Bruce Lyon‘s series of researches on the biology and behavioral evolution of American coots (Fulica americana). He added this in his email: “This one is a bit different since it focuses on one very specific study and quite a bit on a former student ... (more)
    Source: Why Evolution is TruePublished: 20-08-17By whyevolutionistrue
  • Freethinker bulletin No 160
    Freethinker bulletin No 160 Forward to a friend August 19, 2017 FROM the editor Introducing Waleed al Husseini, Palestinian born atheist blogger FROM time to time I’ll spot someone on Facebook who appears particularly interesting, and I will send ... (more)
    Source: FreethinkerPublished: 19-08-17
  • How do the world’s biggest drug companies compare, in their transparency commitments?
    Here’s a paper, and associated website, that we launch today: we have assessed, and then ranked, all the biggest drug companies in the world, to compare their public commitments on trials transparency. Regular readers will be familiar with this ongoing battle. In medicine we use the results of clinical trials ... (more)
    Source: Bad SciencePublished: 27-07-17By Ben Goldacre
  • Meaningful Transparency Commitments: the WHO Joint Statement from Trial Funders
    By now I hope you all know about the ongoing global scandal of clinical trial results being left unpublished, and of course our AllTrials campaign. Doctors, researchers, and patients cannot make truly informed choices about which treatments work best if they don’t have access to all the trial results. Earlier ... (more)
    Source: Bad SciencePublished: 26-07-17By Ben Goldacre

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