On this page you will find details of some Humanists UK, NSS and other humanist/secularist campaigns which we support. We also include charitable undertakings by our own members.

 Voluntary Service Overseas

One of our members, Heather Card, spent nearly 2 years volunteering with VSO from March 2013, till the end of 2014. Her placement was in the town of Mae Sot, in the north of Thailand on the border with Burma (Myanmar), where there is a high population of refugees and migrants from Burma.

Burmese migrant workers are among the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in Thailand, and the project that Heather was working on aims to improve the access for young migrant children to quality early childhood education and services. Heather worked within the Thai education sector, at pre-school nurseries that take both Thai and migrant children. An Early Years teacher by profession, Heather was working alongside the local teachers, helping them to develop their teaching methods and to support the non-Thai speaking children with their learning. A successful education will be the key for these children to be able to integrate into Thai society and overcome the poverty, marginalization and exploitation of previous generations of migrants.

You can find out more about Heather’s life and work in Thailand on her blog of her experience.

Survivors’ Voice Europe

Run by Sue Cox, one of our members, SVE is an international charitable organisation devoted to empowering survivors of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy.

Funding Humanists UK’s Faith Schools Campaigner

Religious schools make up over one third of all state-funded schools – more than 7,000 in total. Most of these schools can select some or all their staff and pupils based on their own or their parents’ religion. They can also teach a skewed curriculum in Religious Education, Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and may present a biased view of scientific subjects such as evolution. Humanists UK desperately needs donations to continue to fund the Faith Schools Campaigner’s work. Donate at: www.justgiving.com/nofaithschools

Campaign for a 21st Century Remembrance

Humanists UK and the UKAFHA (see Related Organisations page) are lobbying for representatives of the non-religious to be included at Remembrance Day services. Over 26,000 members of the Armed Forces describe themselves as ‘having no religion’, the largest category after Christianity. This contrasts with adherents of the other ‘major’ religions (Hindus, Muslims, Jews & Sikhs) who number only slightly over 3,000 in total. The campaign website has suggestions for taking action.

Holy Redundant

This is a Humanists UK campaign to remove statutory places for Church of England bishops in the House of Lords. It has been re-activated following the C of E’s vote not to allow women bishops. The Church of England has 26 places reserved for their bishops in parliament, which also means 26 places reserved for men only. No other religious or non-religious group has reserved seats in the UK parliament. For details of how to support this campaign, please see the Holy Redundant website.

Bread and Roses

We have supported the establishment, by Maryam Namazie and CEMB, of a public TV service, Bread and Roses, aimed at the Middle East and countries where it is difficult to hear a viewpoint other than the appointed religious stance. We subscribe to the English version of this via our YouTube channel.