There is a huge variety of material available online for anyone interested in learning more about Humanism, which may be useful, or of interest, to those trying to move away from religion, wanting to argue apologetics, or for those promoting humanist principles.

Please contact us if you are aware of any other relevant or interesting sites or collections that we may wish to link to for our visitors.


Local humanists have listed books in their personal collections which have influenced or affected them in their path out of religion or through a secular life. This list provides recommendations for anyone wanting to explore Humanism.

There are also a number of older important texts now out of copyright, digitised, and freely available, to read online or download to your ebook reader, from Google Books and Project Gutenberg. We have provided a range of good starting points but suggest you browse the catalogue for more old, but very important, works.

There is also a short collection of poems and links to pages of writings and quotes on Humanist issues, which may be useful for your ceremonies or presentations

Videos and Images

Video collections on YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and various organisational or individual websites, to help you with arguments against religious apologists or providing a skeptical or satirical view of news, topical issues, science, and human rights.

Audio and Music

Recommended radio shows or podcasts worth listening to, or subscribing to for regular updates. Also some links to sources for secular music.

Some suggested words

… which may be useful for gatherings, ceremonies or presentations

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