Holy books with skeptical annotation

And, just for fun,

Google Books

– Many of the Google digitisation project books are now out of copyright and the full text is available free. Use the Advanced search to focus on ‘Full view only’ texts on specific search terms. Sample texts include:

Project Gutenberg

–  a large collection of digitised, out-of-copyright, freely available, books to either read online or download to your local device or ebook reader. Contains such books as:


Book reviews

To discuss and review interesting and topical books, try Atheist Republic’

Recommended Reading

A list of books owned or read by local humanists, providing recommendations for useful reading material, is available on Goodreads. We would love to add more ‘recommended reading’ and ask fellow humanists to add some informative reviews for any of the books already listed, or add details of other books you have read and found helpful in some way. Please email the webmaster, with any titles you would like to suggest, and a review of content would be valuable too.

Journals & Newsletters

The following periodical literature is available either online, to your email, or in print. These are sometimes available through paid subscriptions, but frequently they are free. If you are aware of any more publications we can list here, please contact our admin.

  • Free Inquiry (CFI) – magazine of the nonprofit Council for Secular Humanism. It is the world’s largest-circulation English-language magazine for and about men and women who live value-rich lives without religion. Founded in 1980 and published six times per year, Free Inquiry  features leading thinkers and activists who explore issues of critical importance to all who seek to live the good life … in this life. Available in print or digital format via paid subscription
  • Freethinker – “Cutting”, “abrasive”, “sarcastic”, “offensive” … These are just some of the words used to describe the Freethinker magazine, which was launched in Britain in 1881 and has continued publishing without a break until May 2014, when it became an Internet only publication. Blog format, available to read online, via a feed reader (see our newsfeed), or sign up for an email-delivered newsletter.
  • Friendly atheist – American atheist producing podcasts, blogs, youtube videos and this free email newsletter
  • Humanistically speaking – South Central England Humanists Network (SCEHN) newsletters
  • Humanists UK newsletter – Blog, or subscribe for the email newsletter
  • New Humanist (Rationalist Association) – New Humanist is a quarterly magazine, published by the Rationalist Association in the UK, that focuses on culture, news, philosophy, and science from a sceptical perspective. Available as print or digital paid subscription, or articles available online and via blog posts
  • NSS Newsline (NSS) – free weekly newsletter from the National Secular Society. It contains a roundup of NSS news and commentary from the proceeding week as well as events, announcements and links to other items of interest.

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