Preamble The 2011 Census recorded that almost a third of Oxford’s citizens didn’t have a religion. Yet we humanists are still largely treated by the establishment as little more than a fringe organisation and, at best, only mentioned as a tag-on to the well-known phrase “All Faiths (and none)”. Fortunately, the tag-on has at least enabled us to be given as much status over the past 2 years as other world religions during the annual [essentially Christian] Remembrance Sunday services. But few of you, I suspect, feel that this recognition is sufficient recognition for the over 30% of all local people we – in manyRead More →

OXFORD HUMANISTS : CONSTITUTION 1. Name and Objects 1.1 The Group shall be called Oxford Humanists. 1.2 The objects of the Group shall be: To promote Humanism; To enable Humanists to meet together; To act as the local representative body of the National and International Humanist Movement. 2. Membership 2.1 Any person, who agrees with the objects of the Group, may become a full member, upon payment of the current annual subscription or, if joining after the April of that year, a pro rata proportion of the annual subscription. 2.2 The annual subscription shall be changed only at an Annual General or Extraordinary Meeting. SuchRead More →

Reviewed – in good time for Christmas – by our very own Barbara Hudson: Strongly recommend ‘The Devil and Daniel Silverman’ by Theodore Roszak (Leapfrog Press). The blurb says ‘a wickedly funny novel about an outraged liberal trapped in a fundamentalist bible college.’ I’d thoroughly agree with that. The book is also scholarly and profound, I think. The hero is a gay non-believing Jew who happens to have a black partner and believes in a woman’s right to choose. The fundamentalists are a hilariously creepy lot and poor Daniel gets stuck among them because of a snowstorm that isolates  their campus. They think he isRead More →

I am writing to thank you for your ongoing support for the Humanist Schools in Uganda. Establishing good schools is a long-term challenge, but we are making good progress and I want to give you an idea of where your money has been going during 2014. I attach a list of grants awarded and a small collection of photographs which I think indicate that development is proceeding apace. As a result of the funds being provided by our supporters: Scholarships have been allocated to 129 bright children from the poorest backgrounds to enable them to attend the schools. A new development in 2014 has beenRead More →

Our beliefs As humanists, we make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values. We regard religions, and their doctrines and rituals, as human inventions. We take personal responsibility for our actions and believe that we can all live good lives without religion. We neither fear judgement, nor expect reward, in an afterlife. We find enough purpose and meaning in life itself. The Objects of the Group shall be: To Promote Humanism; To enable Humanists to meet together; To act as the local representative body of the National and International Humanist Movement Membership Any person, who shares the beliefs and agrees with the objectsRead More →