inter-faith relations

John White on Radio Oxford

In January 2018, our chair, John White was invited to give a brief comment on Oxford’s Council of Faiths Transcript of his talk, below: Well!  It’s less than a week since we were all wishing each other a very happy / fulfilling / prosperous New Year.  So, on the related theme of togetherness – and …
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What next for Oxford Humanists? – Summary of the Discussion held by OxHums’ Members on Sunday June 28th, 2015

Preamble The 2011 Census recorded that almost a third of Oxford’s citizens didn’t have a religion. Yet we humanists are still largely treated by the establishment as little more than a fringe organisation and, at best, only mentioned as a tag-on to the well-known phrase “All Faiths (and none)”. Fortunately, the tag-on has at least …
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