By now you’ll have heard that Theresa May has appointed Damian Hinds as her new Education Secretary, replacing Justine Greening and putting the PM’s plans to allow 100% religious segregation in English schools firmly back on the table.

We successfully convinced Justine Greening to keep these plans at bay and also won ground on issues like mandatory Relationships and Sex Education, including in faith schools. But the appointment of Damian Hinds, a staunch supporter of religious discrimination in schools (who previously took funding from the Catholic Church), threatens to usher in a whole new era of ultra-discriminatory faith schools.

Please, will you join today and help us to prevent a pending disaster for social cohesion, families, and the rights of children?

, we’ll need your help to redouble our efforts in 2018. Please, join Humanists UK today and help us work for a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail.

Thank you,

Richy Thompson
Director of Public Affairs and Policy

PS. Every time a reshuffle happens, it hits the reset button on our lobbying for a fairer society. If you join today, you’ll help us make the most impact at a critical time. Thank you.