Message from Simon Nightingale, of Shropshire Humanists, for World Humanist Day.

If anyone is up for a trip to Shrewsbury that Thursday let me know and maybe we can have a fun, and useful, day out (Michele)

Dear Humanist Colleagues

Our regular 21 June Thursday meeting in 2018 coincides with World Humanist Day. We would like to recognise this in an appropriate way, so we have booked the Square in Shrewsbury between 9 am and 5pm on 21 June for an event highlighting humanism.

We welcome artists, musicians, poets, dancers, craft workers, photographers and any others who wish to display their talents in keeping with the spirit of humanism. For example, my hobby is designing and making mechanical puzzles, so I will have a table of fun puzzles for people to play with. Others may sing (on their own or join a group/choir); Mal, one of the principal organisers, plays music on unusual objects such as a watering can! And so on…

Obviously there will be plenty of us there to talk to the public about humanism and to hand out leaflets, but please note we are not allowed to sell goods, unless the profits go to charity.

We very much hope that humanists from nearby groups such as yours will participate. Anyone who would like to help in any way on the day or just the organising, please contact Mal Brown or Margaret Cann, or get back to me.

And of course we hope that your members might like to make a day trip to lovely Shrewsbury and enjoy the celebrations.

With best wishes to you and your group
Simon Nightingale
Chair of Shropshire Humanist Group