Remembrance Service – Our eulogy

For the last few years, our chair has been invited to speak on behalf of Oxfordshire’s humanists at the Oxford Sunday Remembrance service and we join in the laying of wreaths at the cenotaph. Could anyone planning to attend this year try to meet up near the Eagle and CChild after the service and parade so that we can try to get a representative photograph of humanist turn out.

We have recently updated the eulogy (extending it slightly to be more in line with speakers from various faiths) and for those of you unable to attend, or for anyone who wishes to review and comment, wording is as follows:

“Humanists pay tribute to all those who have died in war. Some were inspired by a belief that they were fighting for a just cause. Others simply accepted their duty to their country. We honour them all for their bravery and self-sacrifice.

Many of these men and women had no expectation of any reward in an afterlife. They were sufficiently inspired by the rights and needs of their fellow human beings.

We look forward to a time when there is greater personal acceptance of our shared responsibility for all human beings – and when international warfare becomes a thing of the past!”

    Living ethically without religion